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Solely Jolie

The First, Eco-friendly Makeup Brush Cleaning System

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Welcome to Solely Jolíe

Everything You Need to Know About Our Story & Products

My name is Amy Blansit. I am the creator of the Solely Jolíe Púr Palette and Lavender Cleaning Spray - the first eco-friendly, water-free method to a healthy makeup routine. 


Unfortunately, these incredible product were unexpectedly birthed from a family tragedy. When my late husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, our family wore royal blue bracelets to show support for his fight. 

One morning, I was using my hand to clear excess color from my makeup brush and accidentally dragged the brush across my bracelet, which grabbed quite a bit of makeup from the brush. This eureka moment immediately became my go-to brush-cleaning method and was far more sanitary than using my hand or sink.


After quite a bit of refinement, I was thrilled to launch the Solely Jolíe Makeup Clearing Púr Palette and Lavender Cleaning Spray for all makeup users! 

The palette will offer a quick, hygienic way to effectively clear makeup brushes, and the cleaning spray can be used daily to sanitize brushes for daily makeup users and makeup pros alike: no more dusty sinks, painted hands, or soiled bath linens!

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